Road tripping West USA day 7.

July 24, 2015

Day 7

Sadly, we had to leave San Fransisco.  I have fallen in love with this city.  The sights, the buzz, the foods, the quaint homes, the statuesque bridges, the mysterious rocky outcrop of Alcatraz, the many languages spoken by the tourists.  Not even the foggy, windy (as in moving air) and cool weather could put a damper on our time there.   

Before we left, Mom and I visited Ghirardelli Square.

 At this time we tried to see if we could mimic the teenagers who  do duck-face looks to make their faces look thin.  Here are some of the better and less goofy ones.  (The rest will be kept for family blackmailing!). Btw, driver asked if we had eaten sour balls. 
An then dinner at Pier 39.  Delicious crab cakes and calamari were amongst our favorites.  

Back on the road ... and a quick detour to collect the infamous LAUNDRY by car this time.  

Driver stopped on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge for us to get some last minute and different views.  Here the chopper is flying under the bridge. 

Off to the Red Wood forest on Muir Road.  Crowds were unmanageable. We did not even find parking so we just took pictures at the entrance.  
Back on the road to Yosemite.  Lots of winding roads.  Let me just say at this point how thankful I am to driver for being such a great driver. 

Tomorrow: Yosemite


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