"Am I really that beautiful?"

December 8, 2014

Our "business tagline" is "Capturing Light to Reflect His Glory”.

Melanie and I believe that everything God created is for His Glory. When you are in front of my camera it does not matter what you believe because I am going to take the best possible image by capturing light - which is what photography is all about - to reflect what God created.

We changed our business model about 3 years ago. We used to take photos of our clients and then post them up on a website for clients, friend and family to purchase. Now we take photos and have our clients come in to the studio and view the images large as life on a big (giant!) screen TV. I am so glad we made this change. It now allows us to be a part of the client's emotions when they re-live the photo shoot and are able to see how beautiful they really are. It also allows us to re-affirm that beauty.

This past weekend we had a lot of clients coming into the studio to view their images and as always the tissues were out and the tears were wiped as clients came and went.
One client broke my heart, a young lady, when she saw her image, she asked "Am I really that beautiful?". What are the children of today measuring themselves against? (that's a whole other blog post). What affirmation are they getting from their parents, teachers and peers?

As a father let me call out to all the other fathers out there, love on your daughters, tell them how beautiful they are. If you don't, then someone with ulterior motives, might.

Sons are different :-) we still need to love on them and affirm them but they are not likely to be looking for that beauty affirmation.

My prayer is that we look at each other and ourselves as God sees us. God makes no junk!


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